Happy #MLKDay from Truth Bomb Trails

Truth Bomb Trails

Last week, reminders of the state of terrorism that existed throughout the South in the 1960’s were brought to the forefront with the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham church bombing. The Daily Beast has an interview with Carolyn McKinstry who survived the bombing and lost her friends that day.

Earlier this year, the Tuscaloosa News and more recently, NOLA.com offers a little known connection to the day’s events: John Coltrane’s haunting ‘Alabama,’ written in response to the sadness of the occasion. A radio documentary named “Tell Me How Long Trane’s Been Gone” overlays parts of ‘Alabama’ with Dr. King’s eulogy.

This event was a reminder of the distance still yet traveled to the realization of Dr. King’s dream. He spoke at the eulogy, 3 days after the event. He finds motivation in the tragedy, reflects on the “amazing democracy about death” and offers consolation for the grieving family and community.

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