108th anniversary of Gandhi’s work of non-violence and the application of truth in society.

Truth Bomb Trails

The scene is the Empire Theater in Johannesburg, South Africa, nearly 3000 people gathered to discuss a government ordinance that would affect the 12,000 British Indians residing in the Transvaal state at the time. The database of Gandhi’s writings is huge, including memories of the evening. They chronicle the birth of the use of truth-force in economic, political and social movements, called satyagraha.

The government ordinance required:

  • All Indians over the age of eight to create a certificate of registration with important marks of identification, including fingerprints
  • Presentation of the certificate at any police officer’s request, whenever and wherever, including private houses
  • Fines, imprisonment or deportation in the case of non-compliance

Discussions among the local Indians soon turned to “a fit of passion: ‘If anyone came forward to demand a certificate from my wife, I would shoot him on the spot and take the consequences.’”

At the Sept. 11…

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