“But the U.S.A. was still hungry for further domination, so turned south, and by 1954 staged over 55 armed interventions in Latin America.”

Truth Bomb Trails

Today offers coverage of the increasingly debated Columbus Day, the federal holiday whose history is excellently captured by NPR’s Lakshmi Gandhi. The Oatmeal offers an easy on the eyes comic to chronicle Columbus’ legacy.columbus_indigenous day

In 1977 at the Conference on Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations in the Americas, the idea of replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day first arose. In 1990, a Continental Conference on 500 Years of Indian Resistance took place, during which a resolution was passed to transform Columbus Day “into an occasion to strengthen our process of continental unity and struggle towards our liberation.” The first occasion of International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples took place October 12, 1992 and has continued since. Read more about the City of Berkeley’s (California) Indigenous Peoples Day.

John Curl, American historian and poet, writes of his poem, “Columbus and the Bay of Pigs”:

The struggle…

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