The path of the journey is difficult but the task simple. Overcome fear and let go of doubt. Connect the mind to the heart where the eternal rests.

The mind is connected to the heart through the breath. Consciously holding the mind on the breath will lead the mind to the heart. In the heart, the mind can rest.

The mind is like a child who is satisfied with only the comfort of her mother. No matter what else the child is given, it is never enough. Until the child reunites with her mother, there is no peace. When the mind reunites with the heart, then there is peace.

The environment best suited for concentrating the mind is silence. All of creation vibrates with the original sound. In silence, the vibrations of the heart connect with the cosmic vibrations of the Universe.

When the mind connects to the vibrations of the heart, the mind illuminates. Habits, thought patterns and ways of being fall away, let go, surrender. The energy centers within the body connect through the spine, bringing light to the dark places of the mind. This is the power of the heart.

As the heart enlightens the mind, the mind’s understanding of the world falls apart. The mind loses itself.

When the mind loses itself, one’s identification and attachment to the mind weakens. Transformation begins on the physical plane of existence: relationships end, careers change, illness arises. Mental and emotional shifts follow.

When the mind loses itself, the ego dies. The death of the ego feels like turmoil, pain, and suffering. These are stepping stones, the path itself, of the spiritual journey. The ego is reborn as a phoenix: love, peace, harmony.