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thanksgiving address
While American schoolchildren are taught and re-tell tales of “pure” and friendly Europeans crossing the Atlantic to escape oppression, Presidents pardon a single bird while 45 million perish and nearly twice as many watch modern-day gladiators sacrifice themselves in the name of entertainment, the Thanksgiving Address, which comes from the Iroquois (also known as the Haudenosaunee or Six Nations), reminds us of our necessity and, therefore, gratitude to the natural world. The Tracking Project describes it as:

A spiritual address to the powers of the natural world, these words are used to open gatherings in order to bring the minds of the people together as one and align the gathered minds with Nature. The roots of these words reach back thousands of years to the very origins of the Haudenosaunee as a people.

Along with the Great Law of Peace (Kaianeraserakowa) and the Creation Story, the Thanksgiving Address…

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