There is a story inside of your heart that is waiting to be told. You cannot tell this story without looking deep within yourself, past the stories you have told yourself about yourself for all the years of your life. These are the old stories of the old self, and they no longer exist except in your mind, where they were born, lived, and can now pass beyond.

It takes courage to look into yourself. It requires strength to return from the depths of your heart with something to share with those around you, in hopes of a better world. Move beyond your fear and doubt. No longer live in their shadows and slowly each corner of your mind and darkness of your heart will receive the light of God.

Bring forth your desires through selfless action and service. Do not be afraid to share what you have found, and do not be in a rush. Be patient with yourself and those around you.

Speak words of encouragement and acceptance first; truth when necessary. Move past conflict of bitterness and jealousy.

Resist what is being asked of you and stumble on your path. Walk slowly and pay attention and move towards the light.

The work of man today is to unite with your brothers and sisters in harmony, love, and peace. Find and make union with nature. Leave behind thoughts of competition and destruction, and build up one another in the image of God. Know that God will provide for all when brought into remembrance.